A church in northern Europe, there is a crucified Jesus on the portrait, size, and most people almost.


Because of responsive, so a special trip to come here to pray, worship a particularly large number of people, almost can be described as crowds.


There was a janitor in the church, watching Jesus on the cross every day to meet the demands of so many people, feel in the heart can not bear, he hopes to share the hard work of Jesus.


One day when he prayed, he showed this desire to Jesus.


Accidentally, he heard a voice saying, "Okay, I'll come down and do the work for you, and you will come to crucify you, but no matter what you see or hear, you can not say a word."


This gentleman thinks, this request is very simple. And when Jesus came down, the door-attender went up to the place where Jesus had been crucified, and his portrait was carved almost like a real man, so that the people who came to worship did not doubt him, and, according to the previous agreement, Silence, listen to the voice of the faithful.


The stream of people coming and going, their prayer, there is a reasonable, unreasonable, strange. But in any case, he was forced down and did not speak, because he must abide by the previous commitments.


One day a wealthy businessman, when the wealthy prayer, even forget the money on hand to leave. He looked in the eyes, really want to call the wealthy back, but he can not say.


Then came a poor man who did not eat, and he prayed that Jesus could help it through the difficulties of life. When you want to leave, they found that the wealthy businessmen left the bag, open, which is all money. The poor were very happy, Jesus good, responsive, very grateful to leave dermes.


Jesus, disguised on the cross, looks in the eye and wants to tell him that this is not yours. However, the agreement earlier, he still simmering can not say.


Then there came a young man who was about to go out to sea, and he came to pray that Jesus would give him peace. Just to leave, the wealthy rushed in, to seize the young man's skirt, to young people pay back the money, the young people do not understand the rationale, the two quarreled.


This time, the cross on the disguise of Jesus finally could not help, then spoke up ...


Since it was clear, the wealthy went to the poor described by the counterfeit Jesus, and the young man hurried away for fear that he would not get on board.


Jesus, disguised as a gatekeeper, appeared on the cross and said, "Come down, you are not qualified for that position dermes vs medilase."


The janitor said, "Am I telling the truth and doing justice? Is it not right?"


Jesus said, "What do you know? The wealthy man is not short of money, but his bag of money is used for prostitution, but to the poor he is able to save a large and small livelihood. The most miserable is the young man, He had been able to keep his life, and now he was sinking into the sea, "he said.


This is a fable that sounds like a joke, but revealed:


In real life, we often think that how is the best, but counterproductive, so that we can not Ping, we must believe that: we have, regardless of good times, adversity, are the best of our arrangements company registry hong kong.


If so, we can Thanksgiving in the good times, still adore in adversity, the life of things, there is no perfect. However, we should seriously live in the moment.